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  Newsletter                                                                                                                            Volume 5, Issue 133



To commemorate Children’s day on the 14th of November ‘08, the Kindergarten of DPS mounted their usual spectacular concert, a fun-filled family evening.   It was an event that brought happy and smiling faces in view. Proud parents and teachers alike could be seen spellbound throughout the plethora of performances.
The preparations for the day were as enriching as the event itself. The zeal to put up an entertaining show infused a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in all the management, teachers and specially our little angels. The dedicated team took up the task as a challenge and embarked on a journey filled with fun, frolic and learning with a surge of confidence. During the training and preparation for the concert, the children were not only taught the intricacies of singing and dancing but also the importance of communication and coordination. Along the way, our young and budding Dipsites slowly gained self-confidence and learnt how to work together with their peers. The result of this great environment was that the children got into the habit, to love learning and this skill will help them tremendously as they progress with their education.
On the day itself, as the concert unfolded, there was a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in the hearts of the whole team as their vision was being enacted to perfection by our kindergartners. When the children took the center stage, it was a grand treat to watch all our tiny tots dancing in coordination with each other to the feet-tapping tunes of songs and rhymes. The little actors and dancers dressed as fairies, ants, butterflies, sailors and many other fancy elaborate attires, showed that there was confidence in the breezy winds.
The performances brought about a surge of excitement with a tad of fun and frolic as the audience fell in love with them over and over again. Love and affection towards the adorable and innocent children was in the air. Modern harmonies, rhythms, colours and movements involved everybody and ensured that no one was left out of the fun.
The concert finale culminated in a crescendo of singing with all of the Kindergarten Teachers joining together to perform the well known DPS song “We are voices from the DPS” and the “National Anthem”. The entire audience joined in with the cast filling the hall with their own voices and at the end, gave a lengthy round of applause of thankfulness and admiration.
It was indeed a great event, which highlighted the creative spirit of one and all. Finally, a word of appreciation for all the parents without whose support and cooperation this event would not have been made possible.

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