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Q1. What is the selection procedure for Kindergarten-I?

The selection procedure would normally involve a meeting followed by a short interview and some coloring and reasoning tests.

Q2. What qualifications and experience criteria do the teachers of kindergarten satisfy?

All the teachers are either graduates or postgraduates with a relevant teaching degree.

Q3. Do you arrange for transport services from and to places like Pasir Ris and Tampines?

Yes! Our bus transport services extend island wide.

Q4. How do we choose the ICSE or IGCSE/A-Level course? Is this a choice to us as parents or do the teachers assess this possibility?

The decision as to whether one should opt for the ICSE or IGCSE curriculum arise on successful completion of Grade 7 and Grade 10. It will be a joint decision of both the school as well as the parents.

Q5. Since DPSIS is the only school in Singapore following the ICSE syllabus, how will the school deal with the situation of an 'absence of competition' in Singapore?

The competitive field is larger than one would imagine! DPSIS takes pride in competing with not only other DPS schools but also the multitude of ICSE schools all over India and abroad.

Q6. Do we need to get a clearance from the Ministry of Education for admission to Nursery?

No! For admission to nursery and kindergarten, no other permissions are required.

Q7. Some international schools follow the policy of no examinations in the primary schooling years. What is the DPS approach?

We do not conduct formal examinations for children up to Grade 3.

Q8. Will DPSIS be offering Mandarin as a second language option in the future?

We are contemplating upon offering both Mandarin as well as Spanish.

Q9. Are parents allowed to be with their child in school until the child gets accustomed to a new environment?

We do allow the parents to be in the school on case to case basis.

Q10. Since the academic session for a local school is from January to December, what happens to a child till April?

The child can join the class he/she has passed.

Q11. What is the age for admission to Nursery class?

A child should be 2 years or above before 31st March of the year in which seeking admission.



Q1. Why has DPSIS opted for IGCSE accreditation?

To render globally relevant, wider options to our students.

Q2. Does this mean, ICSE & ISC will be replaced by the IGCSE?

No, IGCSE option is going to be an additional option. Both ICSE/ISC and Cambridge curriculum will run concurrently.

Q3. How will same teachers of the school handle both ICSE/ISC & IGCSE?

This aspect was amply clarified by Ms. Stefanie, East Asia Representative on 08 Nov 2008 in her talk as well.  The professional training for teaching of IGCSE subjects is mandatory.  The same will be ensured.

Q4. How do you compare ICSE & CBSE? It is believed ICSE/ISC is comparatively difficult?

Range and number of mandatory subject under taken by the ICSE students up to Grade 10 is comparatively much more.  We believe that the students with their wider exposure to a comprehensive ICSE programme will certainly have an edge over other students.

As regards with respect to Grade 11 & 12, it is important for the parents to understand that the number of subjects and the content in both ICSE & CBSE curriculum are same with very minor differences.

The term easy and difficult is not supposed to be relevant in today’s time. Each student must excel and for that each student must believe in himself / herself. There is nothing in this world which is difficult or not possible.

Q5. What is the acceptability of IGCSE and A level curricula in Indian colleges and universities?

The acceptance of IGCSE and the Cambridge A level programme world over is unquestionable.